Melamine Based Superplasticizer

SMF based is sulphonate melamine formaldehyde type superplasticizer, has non-air entraining and corrosion to iron and excellent adaptabiliy to cement. Can improve the strength and anti-premeability of concrete.

Product Details

Melamine based water reducer agent is one kind of free flowing powder which is spray dried of

sulphonated polycondensation product based melamine. SMF is especially optimized for water reducing and plastification of cement and calcium sulphate based mixtures is white color with high Water reduction ability, no air entraining, lower Cl ion content and good compatibility to different cement, it can increase the early strength and impermeability and helps to improve workability, water retention and steam curing adept ability.


Dispersing agents useful for SMF superplasticizers

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  Specification for Superplasticizer sulphonate melamine formaldehyde SMF


White powder

Solid content %


Ph value (20% Sol. 20℃)


Alkali content

8.0% Max

Cl content

0.02% Max.

Concrete water reduction ratio


Recommend dosage


 Advantage for Superplasticizer sulphonate melamine formaldehyde SMF


Advantage:of Polycarboxylate based superplasticizer

Lower dosage: high water reducing (25-40%), and cement save 15-30%.

Low slump loss: less than 20% during two hours.

Good compatibility: mix with many kinds of cements and admixtures.

Lower shrinkage: improve compression of fresh mixed concrete.

Low chloride and alkali content, no corrosion to rebar.

High stability: no precipitation at low temperature



● Tile adhesives and joint fillers.

● non-shrink grouts

● Self-leveling floor screeds or underlayments

● Repair mortars

● Gypsum products

● Injection mortars.

● Molding and industrial plaster.

● Dry mixed concrete, high performance concrete, high flowability concrete and so on.



Packed in 25kg paper bags inner PE bags, or on clients’request.


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