A water reducing agent is a concrete admixture that reduces the amount of water used for mixing while maintaining the slump of the concrete. Most of them belong to anionic surfactants, such as lignosulfonate, naphthalenesulfonate formaldehyde polymer and the like. They add to the concrete mixture to disperse the cement particles, improve their workability, reduce the unit water consumption, improve the fluidity of the concrete mixture or reduce the amount of cement used to save cement. Therefore, it is widely used in the construction industry.
The naphthalene sulfonate water reducing agent is a light yellow to dark brown powder, which is easily soluble in water, and has good dispersion effect on many powder materials such as cement, and the water reducing rate is 25%. Polycarboxylates have excellent water reduction, fluidity, and permeability, which can significantly enhance the strength of cement mortar.
The melamine based water reducing agent is a free flowing powder which is spray dried. It is especially suitable for water reduction and plasticization of cement and calcium sulphate based hybrid materials. It improves early strength and impermeability to improve processability, water retention and steam curing. BOTAI Chemical has been a professional superplasticizer manufacturer and supplier in China since 2003. Buy the best superplasticizer for sale with good price here.
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