Hydrophobic-type Redispersible Polymer Powder

Vinnate® DP-W002 Hydrophobic-type redispersible polymer powder
Improve the hydrophobic properties of mortar and reduce water absorption rate

Product Details

Redispersible polymer powder can be used to disperse the latex powder in the mortar hole and the surface of the film,and the polymer film will not disperse after the water,preventing the invasion of water and enhancing the anti-permeability.Special redispersible latex powder with hydrophobic effect is more effective.


Vinnate DP-W002 equivalent to vinnapas 8034h

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Redispersible polymer powder Vinnate DP-W002 equivalent to vinnapas 8034h produced by spray-drying special water-based emulsion, mostly based on vinyl acetate-ethylene (VAC/E), then obtained a free flowing organic polymer powder. It can re-disperse in water, and form a film after water evaporation by coalescence of individual polymer particles. The film acts as an organic binder, to glue together different substrates, reinforce mortar structure and provide excellent adhesion at cement or gypsum based dry mixed mortar substrate interface.

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There are four series of redispersible polymer powder according to features:














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Redispersible polymer powder Vinnate DP-W002 equivalent to vinnapas 8034h can disperse in water,increase the adhesion between mortar and its substrates,and improve the mechanic property and manageability.



White free flowing powder

Solid (wt%)

98.0% min

Ash (wt%)


Bulk density (g/l)


protective colloid

polyving akohol


over 400um 4% max

Ph value


GTT. (around °C)

Not the same

MFFT. (around °C)



  Redispersible polymer powder  Advantages

• Increased adhesion to all kinds of substrates

• Higher flexural strength, flexibility and deformability

• Improved toughness, cohesion and density of mortars

• Improved workability

• Increased impact and abrasion resistance

• Good strength development of mortar

• Improved water retention capability and open time

• Improved wetting of substrate

• Freeze/thaw resistance

• Improved water repellent effect of the mortars


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 On Building material usage:

      Plasters, Renders, & Stucco:

  • Base plasters

  • Decorative Finish Plasters

  • Repair Plasters

  • Insulating Renders


  • Tile Adhesives

  • EIFS Adhesives

  • Wallpaper Adhesives

      Jointing & Filling Compounds:

  • Self-leveling compounds

  • EIFS leveling compounds

  • Wall leveling compounds

  • Grouts

      Special Applications:

  • Underwater Concrete

  • Extruded Construction Elements

  • Paint Removers


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Redispersible polymer powder Vinnate DP-W002 equivalent to vinnapas 8034h we usually pack as:





Botai Chemical , formed 10years ago, is a subsidiary of VICTO(H.K.) Chemical Group Hongkong.

ISO9001:2008, REACH certificate, new patent in Calcium formate processing, near Qingdao,Tianjin Ports, high quality and competitive price.

Three factories, in Shandong, Shanxi and Henan province, supply 30000tons of redispersible polymer powder, 20000tons of calcium formate, 25000tons of cellulose ethers and 10000tons of polypropylene fibers per year.

We also provide good factory price on redispersible polymer powders, superplasticizers, calcium/zinc stearates and other chemcial additives.  


Our Services

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1.Free samples:                

We offer 200g free redispersible polymer powder samples for your test. And the courier cost should be covered by customers. Please feel free to contact us for samples. 

2. Prompt delivery:

Usually within 10 work days after order confirmed and payment received or according to order qty.

3. Timely update:

Loading Photos (on-site loading and finished-loading) and accordingly documents, service will send to customers timely.

4. After-sale service:

Feed back email after endusers received the cargo.



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