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What Is The Glass-transition Temperature(Tg) OF Redisperature Polymer Powder?

- Jan 12, 2018 -

The glass transition temperature refers to the temperature that the polymer will transition from the elastic state to the glassy state,expressed by Tg.When the temperature is higher than Tg,the material is rubber in behavior and elastic drformation under load.When the temperature is lower than Tg,the material is glass-like and prone to brittle failure.Usually,if Tg is high,the hardness of the film is high,rigid and good.Otherwise,if the Tg is lower,the hardness of the film is reduced,but the elasticity and elasticity are good.


In the prearation of dry mixing mortar,different Tg values can be used to disperse polymer powder according to the use of mortar,operating environment and basic materials.For example,two main factors are usually considered when preparing adhesive and anti-crack mortar.One is high adhesion,the other is elastic and deformable.Therefore,select low Tg polymer powder,low temperature and good flexibility.

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