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What Are The Technical Requirements Of Plastering Mortar?

- Feb 02, 2018 -

Gypsum mortar is a functional material, not a structural material, mainly to protect the wall, except to make the wall level.The quality of mortar is finally reflected in its engineering quality.The main problems in cement mortar are cracking, hollowing and shedding, the main reason is that the bond strength of mortar is low.Therefore, bonding strength is an important index for plaster mortar.In addition to a good working ability, uniform coating, smooth thin layer and the construction is convenient, also need to have higher bonding mortar mortar layer, make the mortar layer can firmly stick on the substrate, and does not lead to a long-term cracking or peeling.Good mortar can be used to protect buildings and walls.It can resist the erosion of the natural environment, such as wind, rain, snow and so on, can improve the durability of the building.The wall or surface of other components can also achieve smooth, clean and beautiful effect.


The composition of cement mortar is basically the same as that of masonry mortar.However, in order to prevent cracking of the mortar layer, some fibrous materials need to be added.Sometimes, in order to have certain characteristics, such as waterproofing or insulation and other functions, special polymerization or mixing is required.

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