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The Role And Uses Of Cellulose Ethers In Construction Industry

- Nov 03, 2017 -

Cellulose ethers are widely used in building materials industry. They can be used as retarder, water retaining agent, thickener and binder.

In ordinary dry mixed mortar, high wall insulation mortar, self leveling mortar, plaster powder, adhesive bonding dry powder mortar, tile high performance building putty, putty, wall anti cracking waterproof dry mixed mortar, gypsum plaster, coating agent, thin seam filler material, cellulose ether plays an important role, they the plaster system water, water demand, sturdiness, retardation and construction have important influence.

Was commonly used in the field of cellulose ether including HEC, HPMC, CMC, PAC, MHEC etc.. Nonionic water soluble cellulose ethers have the advantages of cohesiveness, dispersion stability and water retention. They are useful additives for building materials.

HPMC, MC or EHEC for the majority of cement or gypsum into infrastructure, such as masonry mortar, cement mortar, cement, gypsum, cement mixture and coating emulsion putty, can enhance the dispersion of cement and sand, greatly improving the cohesiveness, which is very important for gypsum, cement tiles and putty.

HEC is not only used for cement retarder, or sap, HEHPC also uses this aspect. Cellulose ethers are usually used as mortar additives in combination with gluconic acid salts as valuable retarder additives. MC or HEC and CMC were used as the solid part of the wallpaper. Wallpaper glue viscosity building materials commonly used in medium or high viscosity cellulose ether.

Therefore, cellulose ether is an indispensable additive in building materials industry. It plays an important role in every application.

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