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The Difference Between Redispersible And White Latex

- Nov 03, 2017 -

Generic white emulsion polyvinyl acetate emulsion, usually refers to the vinyl monomer of homopolymer and copolymer emulsion products; redispersible powder name vinyl acetate ethylene copolymer emulsion, usually refers to the series of products of vinyl acetate ethylene copolymer and ethylene vinyl acetate monomer and other multi copolymerization emulsion two, production process, product performance, etc. are not the same.

Little difference between white emulsion and redispersible powder appearance, at present the normal use of redispersible emulsion powder viscosity are relatively low, while the white latex in order to better construction, generally is far greater than the viscosity of redispersible latex powder.  In addition the redispersible powder glue film after the flexibility of white latex.

The other white latex adhesive strength is very strong, will be the sticky adhesive material according to the standard process in the environment and conditions, and make it the bonding strength to achieve the best value, and then along the adhesive interface failure experiment, if the damage is sticky materials, that is white latex.

Weatherability of redispersible latex powder than white latex long, white latex viscosity by corrosive chemical properties, viscosity up quickly, the longer the time of the wall damage is greater, while redispersible emulsion powder is physical glue on the viscosity, slowly, not what damage to the wall, the longer stick more firmly.

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