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Industry Grade Calcium Formate Application

- Jun 08, 2018 -

For buildings.Fast solidifying agent, lubricant and early strength agent for cement.Used in building mortar and various kinds of concrete, to accelerate the hardening rate of cement, shorten the setting time, especially in winter construction, to avoid the setting speed too slow at low temperature.Rapid demoulding, so that cement as soon as possible to improve the strength of the use.Calcium formate: all kinds of dry mixed mortar, all kinds of concrete, wear-resistant materials, floor industry, feed industry, leather industry.The dosage of calcium formate per ton of dry powder mortar and concrete is about 0.5~1.0%, and the maximum dosage is 2.5%.The amount of calcium formate increased gradually with the decrease of temperature. Even if the amount of 0.3-0.5% was applied in summer, it would have a significant early strong effect

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