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Feed Grade Calcium Formate

- Jun 08, 2018 -

Feed grade calcium formate is a kind of containing formic acid calcium salt, calcium 31%, inclusive of our 69% formic acid, neutral pH value, and low water content, mix calcium formate to additive premix, will not result in a loss of vitamins, and under the effect of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice can isolate free formic acid, reduce gastric pH.Calcium formate high melting point, above 400 ℃ can decompose, won't damage in the process of granulating.

Lowering the pH value of gastrointestinal tract is beneficial to activate the pepsinogen, make up the deficiency of digestive enzyme and hydrochloric acid secretion in piglet stomach, and improve the digestibility of feed nutrients.Prevent the growth and reproduction of e. coli and other pathogenic bacteria, and promote the growth of some beneficial bacteria, such as lactobacillus.Beneficial bacteria, such as lactobacillus lactobacillus, can cover the intestinal mucosa and prevent it from being invaded by toxins produced by escherichia coli, thus preventing diarrhea related to bacterial infection.(2) as an organic acid, formic acid can act as a chelating agent in the process of digestion and promote the intestinal absorption of minerals.

Market studies at home and abroad have shown that adding 1% ~ 1.5% calcium formate to piglet diet can significantly improve the production performance of weaned piglets.The German study found that adding 1.3% calcium formate to weaned piglets' diets could improve the feed conversion rate by 7% to 8%, and adding 0.9% could reduce the occurrence of piglets' diarrhea.Within 28 days of age of the weaning piglets diet adding 1.5% formic acid calcium, feed 25 d, piglet weight increased by 7.3%, feed conversion rate increased by 2.53%, protein and energy utilization ratio increased by 10.3% and 9.8%, respectively, piglet diarrhea significantly reduced.1% calcium formate was added into the daily diet of three-yuan hybrid weaned piglets, increasing the weight by 3%, increasing the feed conversion rate by 9%, and decreasing the diarrhea rate of piglets by 45.7%.Other things to note: calcium formate is effective before and after weaning because the hydrochloric acid produced by the piglets increases with age.Calcium formate contains 30% calcium which is easy to absorb, so it is important to adjust the ratio of calcium and phosphorus when making feed.

Other USES of calcium formate: as a new feed additive.Feeding calcium formate for weight gain and using calcium formate as feed additive can promote appetite and reduce diarrhea rate.In the first few weeks after weaning, adding 1.5% calcium formate to the feed can increase the growth rate of piglets by more than 12% and feed conversion rate by 4%.

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