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Effects Of Cellulose Ethers In The Construction Industry

- Feb 02, 2018 -

Cellulose ether is widely used in building materials industry.They are large in number, and they can act as a retardant, water retention agent, thickener and adhesive.Cellulose ether in the ordinary course of dry mortar, the highly effective exterior insulation mortar, dry self leveling mortar, gypsum adhesive, bonding agent, high-performance construction putty, the crack resistance of interior and exterior wall putty, waterproof dry mortar, gypsum plaster, scratches, thin layer of joints and other materials play an important role in such aspects.It has important influence on the water storage capacity, water demand, strength, performance and construction performance of gypsum system.

The cellulose ethers typically used in construction include HEC, HPMC, CMC, etc.

Non-ionic water-soluble cellulose ether has adhesion, dispersive stability and water storage capacity, which is a useful additive in building materials.HPMC, MC or HEC are used for most cement based or gypsum based buildings.For example, the cement mortar, cement mortar, cement paint, plaster, cement mixture and emulsion putty can improve the dispersivity of the cement or sand, greatly improve the adhesion, it is important for plaster, cement and ceramic tile putty.

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