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Chemical Properties Of Formic Acid And Its Stability

- Nov 03, 2017 -

Formic acid can be used in many walks of life, its use is widespread,

Also called formic acid, formic acid, molecular formula HCOOH. Acid colorless pungent odor, and corrosion, foaming swelling after exposure of human skin. Formaldehyde has the property of acid and aldehyde simultaneously. In the chemical industry, formic acid is used in rubber, medicine, dyes, leather industry category.

1. chemical properties: formic acid as a reducing agent for the silver mirror reaction can occur. In the saturated fatty acid in the most acidic dissociation constant is 2.1 * 10-4. At room temperature slowly decomposed into carbon monoxide and water. Together with concentrated sulfuric acid and heating to 60~80 DEG C, exothermic decomposition of carbon monoxide. Formic acid is heated to 160 DEG above decomposition of CO2 and hydrogen. Alkali metal salt heated to 400 DEG C acid oxalate.

2. formic acid can dissolve fat. Formic acid steam stimulation inhalation on severe nasal and oral mucosa, and will cause inflammation. In the treatment of concentrated acid, must wear protective masks and rubber gloves. Workshop must have shower and eye wash equipment, the workplace should have a good ventilation environment, the highest allowable formic acid concentration in the boundary area of air is 5*10-6.  Inhalation poisoning to leave the scene immediately, breathe fresh air, and inhalation of sodium bicarbonate 2%. Once contaminated with formic acid, immediately rinse with plenty of water, do not use wet cloth to wipe.

3. stability: stability

4. cut material: strong oxidant, alkali, active metal powder

5. polymerization hazards: non polymerization

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