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Applcation Of Cellulose Ethers In Paints

- Jan 19, 2018 -

Methyl cellulose and hydroxyethyl cellulose can be used as stabilizers,thickeners and water retention agents in emulsion coatings.In latex paint,add cellulose ether with appropriate specification and viscosity,can improve the construction performance of emulsion paint,prevent splashing,improve storage stability and hiding power.In addition,they can be used as dispersants,adhesives,and as a film agent in colored cement coatings.


The main area of foreign consumption is emulsion paint.Therefore,cellulose ether products often become the preferred thickener in latex coatings.For example,HPMC can maintain a thickening agent in latex coating due to good comprehensive performance.Another example is,as a result of cellulose ether has unique thermal gel properties and solubility characteristics,have a good resistant to salt and heat,and is suitable for surface activity,they can use the security agent,suspending agent ,emulsifying agent,film former,lubricants,adhesives and rheological agent.

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