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The role of calcium formate and its market prospect

- Nov 03, 2017 -

In fact, calcium formate is a formic acid calcium salt, calcium containing 31% formic acid 69%, neutral pH and low moisture content, will cause the loss of calcium formate mixed vitamin premix to not, and in stomach acid can be isolated from formic acid, reduce the gastric pH value, calcium formate with high melting point, can be decomposed in 400 degrees above, does not damage the granulating process.

The main function of the calcium formate decomposition of formic acid in the stomach in the environment to achieve, function and two formic acid potassium, including: (1) reduce the gastrointestinal pH value, is conducive to the activation of Pepsinogen, compensate for the lack of secretion of digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid in the stomach of piglets, improve feed nutrient digestibility, prevent Escherichia coli and other pathogenic bacteria growth and reproduction, while promoting some beneficial bacteria such as Lactobacillus growth. Lactobacillus bacteria can cover the intestinal mucosa, which is not affected by the invasion caused by Escherichia coli toxin, thus preventing the occurrence of diarrhea associated with bacterial infection. (2) formic acid as organic acid can act as chelating agent in digestion process, and can promote the absorption of minerals in intestinal tract

In addition, calcium formate as a new feed additive, the development of new domestic and foreign widespread use, calcium formate can be used as sour agent and can replace calcium propionate as antiseptic and preservative, applicable to all types of animal feed by feed, help digestion and absorption function. Especially suitable for weaned piglets, it can affect the intestinal microbial proliferation, activation of Pepsinogen, improve natural metabolites of energy utilization, increase the feed conversion rate, prevent diarrhea, diarrhea, improve the survival rate of piglets and the weight gain rate; at the same time, calcium formate also has the effect of anti mildew preservation. The test proved that adding calcium formate in feed, in the animal will free trace formic acid, gastrointestinal pH value decreased, and has the cushioning effect, is conducive to the gastrointestinal tract pH value stability, thereby inhibiting the propagation of harmful bacteria, promote the growth of beneficial microbes, such as the growth of Lactobacillus, coverage of intestinal mucosal invasion no toxin, to control and prevent the occurrence of bacterial related diarrhea and dysentery and other phenomena, the adding amount is 1 ~ 1.5%. Calcium formate as acidifying agent, compared with citric acid, not in the feed production process deliquescence, good fluidity, neutral pH value, will not cause corrosion of the equipment, directly added to the feed can prevent the nutrient components of vitamins and amino acids have been destroyed, is an ideal feed acidifier, can completely replace the citric acid and fumaric acid etc.. In addition to calcium formate in the feed industry a lot of use, together is also widely used in food, chemical industry, building materials, leather, oil and other industrial production, added to cement can accelerate the hardening rate of cement, shorten the coagulation time. Calcium formate can be made into oral agent, heal the body of calcium deficiency, calcium drugs on the market, most made with it, because the calcium formate commodity function good, low price, the current domestic and foreign markets, the sale of broad vision.

To sum up, calcium formate can be used in most areas, and is closely related to our life, and the rise in its price also illustrates this point, so the prospects are very good.

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