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Status and Analysis of Cellulose Ether

- Nov 03, 2017 -

1 in China at the present stage, cellulose ether production level, compared with foreign countries, the gap is large, mainly in the continuous low level, poor sealing equipment, large labor intensity, resulting in large consumption of raw materials, the cost is high, therefore, in this case, the existing production must carry out technological innovation, to improve the quality and reduce the cost. Increase production.

2, in our country cellulose ether production technology level, the more prominent problem is: etherification agent utilization rate is low, the consumption of raw materials is large. Therefore, should strengthen the scientific research, the existence of solutions for the new situation of the problem, improve the technical level.

3, China's cellulose ether varieties, except cellulose CMC, other varieties yield little, especially nonionic ether, far can not meet the needs of the industrial sector, should strengthen the research and development of new varieties, such as the development of HEC, CMHEC, HBMC and other varieties, to meet the needs of the application department.

4, the application of cellulose ether products in medicine, food additives, paper industry, building, cement, ceramic products, textile industry and so on has not been popularized. Appropriate varieties and models should be selected to strengthen the research and application, so as to further expand the application field of products.

5, the domestic cellulose ether engineering and technical personnel is very few, there is no professional training, should strengthen the industry's senior technical personnel training and worker training, in order to improve the professional level and expand the technical force.

6, our country has good conditions for development of cellulose ether industry, such as the production of ethers of raw materials, cotton linter abundant, and other natural plant fiber raw materials, such as reed, bagasse, etc. can be used. The rapid development of China's petrochemical and natural gas industry, the preparation of ethers chemical rich source of raw materials, such as dichloromethane, dichloroethane, ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, chloroacetic acid and the yield will increase, prices will gradually adjust and reduce the. We should expand and strengthen the trade organization, fully mobilize the cellulose etherification and strengthen the cooperation of production units, application units, research institutes and institutions of higher learning, and strive for the development of cellulose ethers in china.

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