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Redispersible polymer powder future trends

- Nov 03, 2017 -

The policy of building energy conservation fully implemented in China has created favorable conditions for the building exterior wall insulation and dry mixed mortar industry, which has also led to the rapid development of redispersible emulsion powder products. It is strong in recent years because of redispersible polymer powder market demand situation, in the field of domestic market related enterprises such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain emerged, many non building materials or enterprise and personal field of non chemical materials have to invest in the field.

According to the recent years associated with building mortar industry contacts and data obtained from the market feedback information shows that in 2000, China's consumption of building mortar with redispersible emulsion powder is about 600 tons, to the market demand in 2005 has reached 16 thousand tons, in 2006 reached 30 thousand tons, about 50 thousand tons in 2007. About 80 thousand tons in 2008. According to the survey, in 2008, the total production capacity of all kinds of redispersible latex powder production enterprises has exceeded 180 thousand tons in the domestic market. More than 50 redispersible powder production enterprises in China, their annual production capacity is basically between 300 ~ 30000 tons, most of the enterprise's capacity between 1000 to 3000 tons, thousands of tons of production scale of enterprises only a few foreign companies and several major domestic enterprises, 300 to 1000 tons of production capacity. The scale of production enterprises, are generally small, technical strength is insufficient. The gap between the capacity of nearly 180 thousand tons and the demand of only 80 thousand tons is not an optimistic information for the rapidly developing market of redispersible rubber powder market.

A senior personage admits: "in the past two years, all kinds of redispersible latex powder prices have different range of decline, this is certainly a good thing.". But the same function of redispersible latex powder products currently on the market is 2000 yuan per ton, 5000 yuan or even million price gap, also there is a big gap between the quality of these products, so for a long time, probably will destroy the benign development of redispersible latex powder industry."

People also show that redispersible emulsion powder market present predicament, is completely not in accordance with the requirements of enterprises in the industry caused, in order to get rid of the current problems, the relevant enterprises must do the work of a few aspects: one is the realization of redispersible latex powder products domestically, minimize cost. Two is to set the industry access threshold, improve the standard application level of products, and strengthen the detection means of products, to achieve the survival of the fittest, the market does not meet the requirements of enterprises as soon as possible to eliminate the market. Three, the relevant enterprises should increase investment in scientific research, through independent research and development, to achieve independent innovation, develop advanced production technology, to achieve redispersible latex powder products made in China qualitative leap. Four is to improve the performance of existing redispersible powder products, improve the construction of external wall insulation system and dry mixed mortar products operability. Five is according to the market demand, develop more in line with the market demand of special mortar products, expanding the application field of products. Only in this way, redispersible emulsion powder Market in order to usher in a good development environment.

According to the prediction of the relevant departments, in 2010, the actual amount of redispersible emulsion powder in China will reach 100 thousand ~ 120 thousand tons, and will reach a peak in the next 5~10 years. At that time, the domestic brand enterprises will be more and more, foreign investment into the Chinese market will also increase the number of enterprises, the market competition is expected to be more intense. But in any case, China's construction mortar with redispersible milk powder market will usher in a better spring.

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