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Production principle and process of dispersible polymer powder

- Nov 03, 2017 -

The first step in the production of redispersible polymer powders is the production of polymer dispersions, also known as emulsions or emulsions. In this process, the monomer emulsion (by emulsifier or high molecular protective colloid stability) and initiator reaction started by emulsion polymerization, the reaction of the monomers together to form long chain molecules (macro molecular polymer).

In this reaction, the monomer emulsion drops are transformed into polymer solid particles. In this polymer emulsion, the stabilizer on the particle surface must prevent aggregation of the latex in any case and thus appear an unstable state. Then by adding different additives for spray drying of the mixture, and then add the protective colloid and anti caking agent of the polymer can be dispersed in water to form a free flowing powder in spray drying. ELOTEX through special product design to ensure that the production of redispersible powder can be quickly dispersed after dry mortar mixing with water.

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