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How to use calcium formate in cement

- Nov 03, 2017 -

Calcium formate is a new kind of low temperature early strength coagulant for cement, calcium formate can obviously improve the early strength, shorten the setting time, widely used in mortar (ceramic tile adhesive, base plastering mortar, cement mortar, waterproof mortar and concrete floor etc.).

The calcium formate can accelerate the speed of cement hardening, and high early strength, but also avoid the construction in winter or cold humid conditions setting speed slowly, the cement products as soon as possible to improve the strength of put into use, the larger contribution to the early strength of calcium formate.

In the summer of calcium formate content usually cement 0.3% ~ 0.7% in the winter, calcium formate dosage should be increased with the decrease of the temperature is generally 0.5% ~ 1%, the maximum should not exceed 2.5%, for use in dry mixed mortar Portland cement low early strength and high final strength characteristics of the product by adding calcium formate to improve the early strength, very useful.

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