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How to identify redispersible polymer powder is not a compound product

- Nov 03, 2017 -

The production of redispersible latex powder is not simply to put some emulsion spray drying can, with vinyl emulsion products need to add the proportion, is very particular about the appropriate ratio in order to ensure the production of the product has a good adhesion, flexibility and alkali resistance and other properties, or simply not production qualified products.

For the past two years the domestic redispersible products appear many phenomenon of mixed emulsion powder on the market, experts called imitation substitutes, them with conventional products from the appearance is not clear, simple field test can also pass, but the price is very cheap, is unable to withstand the time test and application of adding putty powder on the wall, there is a big problem in less than two or three months. Reporters learned from many aspects, at present the powder powder market appear powder, cracking and shedding and other problems, and the use of unqualified redispersible latex powder has great implications. Some experts said that the so-called compound redispersible latex powder products, its material composition is in fact a lot of raw material to the real production of redispersible latex powder need not be added, the other added materials of no great importance, they simply can not play any role. In addition, some enterprises still use the traditional additives products, and even enterprises use domestic products and imported products mixed, resulting in the quality of exterior wall insulation system and dry mixed mortar is not high.

A famous foreign enterprise official reluctantly said: "the quality of our production enterprises of redispersible latex powder products to buy, and the products of other additives are mixed, which is redispersible emulsion powder, the mixture of the products in the market now occupy a certain market share. This is the biggest impact on us."

It is undeniable that the domestic redispersible latex powder in the industry showed a good situation of rapid growth, following the market order is not standardized, the quality and price of the problem of good and bad, has been an indisputable fact. To ensure the quality of their products, do not be cheap and unwise.

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