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Analysis of calcium formate production method is what

- Nov 03, 2017 -

1, neutralization method

Neutralization of formic acid and formic acid calcium lime, the refined product of calcium formate

2, double decomposition method

Formate and sodium nitrate in the presence of calcium formate occurs double decomposition reaction, and sodium nitrate. After purification, calcium formate was obtained.

3. The by-product method of epoxy fatty acid methyl ester

At present, the production of epoxy fatty acid methyl ester is developing rapidly. A large amount of by-product formic acid will be produced in the process of production of this product. This by-product formate is used to produce calcium formate.

4. The by-product method of pentaerythritol

In the process of pentaerythritol production, calcium hydroxide was used as the basic reaction condition, and calcium formate was produced by adding formic acid and calcium hydroxide to the reaction at the later stage. The calcium formate obtained from this method had higher quality.

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