Waved Fiber

Waved PP fiber instead of steel fiber to increase the resistance of shrink, crack, impact, friction, seepage, freezing and thawing.

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1.Introduction of the waved fiber

Wave pp fibre is polypropylene as raw material, after special surface modification and molding processing. With acid corrosion, high strength, easy to disperse, easy construction, the mixing of the vehicle, the road without any damage, no special advantages of conservation, can substitute for steel fiber reinforced concrete crack in the cement significantly improve the impact toughness of concrete, anti-bending performance, and because of special cross-sectional shape, and a good combination of properties of concrete.

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2.Specifications of the waved fiber






0.91 g/cm3

Tensile Strength

> 460 Mpa

Elasticity Modulus

> 4000 Mpa

Crack Elongation


Resistance to Acid, Alkali


Melting Point

> 160℃

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3.Fectures of the waved fiber

(1) PP Curved Fibre Function:

(2) Resist to shrink & crack

(3) Increase seepage resistance

(4) Increase friction resistance

(5) Increase freezing & thawing resistance

(6) Improve tendons protection

(7) Replace steel net (using in plastering)

(8) Prevent mortar split and crackle expansion

(9) Increase impact resistance and peeling resistance

 bridge construction pp fiber6.jpg

4.Applications of the waved fiber

PP curved macro fiber is used in all types of concrete.

Culvert support, mountain slope protection and other support projects.

Basement seepage, reservoir and low pressure water pipes and other projects.

Water conservancy and hydropower projects spillway, gate plate and other high-speed water.

Corrosive environment of seawater concrete works.

Roads, railways and other bridges.



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