Twisted Fiber

Twisted/hybrid polypropylene fiber can instead the steel fibre to reinforce cement concrete.

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1.Introduction of the twisted fiber

The twisted polypropylene fiber is used polypropylene as its raw material. It has high break strength, usually instead of steel fibre for reinforcement to cement concrete. Compared with steel fibre, it has the advantage of easy dispersing and blending, no damage to the mixing equipments, etc.

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2.Specifications of the twisted






0.91 g/cm3

Tensile Strength

> 650 Mpa

Elasticity Modulus

> 6000 Mpa

Crack Elongation


Resistance to Acid, Alkali


Melting Point

> 160℃

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3. Features of the twisted fiber

(1) Decrease the fragility of high strength concrete

(2) Increase the quality of concrete

(3) Increase the freezing resistance of concrete

(4) Increase the impact resistance of concrete

(5) Increase the durability resistance of cncrete

(6) Increase the fire resistance of concrete

 pp polypropylene fiber21.jpg

4. Applications of the twisted fiber

(1) The surface of road, bridge, runway and floor of the factory.

(2) Wall and roof of the tunnel and mine.

(3) Dam, river, bridge pier, dock and military protection facilities.



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