Monofilament Fiber

Monofilament polypropylene has many advantages such as good dispersing,better water affinity,strong linking force.

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1.Introduction of monofilament polypropylene fiber

Monofilament polypropylene fibre is concrete reinforcing fibre with high strength, favorable dispersibility and gripping force. It is suited to reinforce and crack-resist cement concrete and mortar, specially used in engineering of building surface, floor, wall etc.

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2.Specifications of monofilament polypropylene fiber






0.91 g/cm3

Tensile Strength

> 450 Mpa

Elasticity Modulus

> 3500 Mpa

Equivalent Diameter


Crack Ratio


Melting Point

> 160℃

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3.Features of monofilament polypropylene fiber

(1) Resist to shrink/crack

(2) Increase seepage resistance

(3) Increase friction resistance

(4) Increase freezing/thawing resistance

(5) Improve tendons protection

(6) Replace steel net (using in plastering)

(7) Prevent mortar split and crackle expansion

(8) Increase impact resistance and peeling resistance

pp fiber used in mortar7.jpg


4.Applications of polypropylene fiber

(1) Suit for the waterproof layer, floor, inner/outer wall of industrial and civil construction.

(2) Increase cracking resistance on the surface of industrial workshop, warehouse and parking lot.

(3) Increase cracking/seepage resistance of the ground in natatorium, swimming pool, pond and ditch.

(4) Suit for any mortar projects and common concrete projects.

(5) Highway, bridge and other roads.


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