Concrete Fiber

Concrete fiber is a kind of high-performance fiber specially used for concrete or mortar. It can effectively control micro-cracks caused by plastic shrinkage, shrinkage, temperature change and other factors of concrete or mortar, prevent and inhibit the formation and development of concrete primary cracks, and greatly improve The anti-cracking and anti-seepage properties of concrete or mortar increase the toughness of concrete and thus the service life of concrete.
It is prepared by adding modified masterbatch to polypropylene chips for blending, spinning and stretching. It is anti-static and UV-resistant so that the fibers can be evenly dispersed in the concrete. This product improves the performance of concrete by reducing the occurrence and quantity of primary cracks in concrete. It does not have any conflicts and chemical reactions with concrete aggregates, admixtures, admixtures and cements, so it has good adaptability to concrete materials. BOTAI Chemical has been a professional concrete fiber manufacturer and supplier in China since 2003. Buy the best concrete fiber for sale with good price here.
    • Monofilament Fiber

      Monofilament Fiber

      Monofilament polypropylene has many advantages such as good dispersing,better water affinity,strong linking force.

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    • Twisted Fiber

      Twisted Fiber

      Twisted/hybrid polypropylene fiber can instead the steel fibre to reinforce cement concrete.

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    • Waved Fiber

      Waved Fiber

      Waved PP fiber instead of steel fiber to increase the resistance of shrink, crack, impact, friction, seepage,...

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    • Polyester Fiber

      Polyester Fiber

      Polyester fiber is a new-developed engineering material in recent years,Mainly used in alsphalt concret ect.

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    • Glass Fiber

      Glass Fiber

      Glass fiber is nonalkali glass fiber. Its Price cheap and used widely.

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