Pharmaceutical Grade Methyl Cellulose

Pharmaceutical grade MC
As a binder for tablet, film coating, ointment and oil stabilizer

Product Details

The MC is safe,non-toxic and undigested.Excessive intake of MC may temporarily increase flatulence.Low and medium viscosity MC can be used as the adhesive for tablets,as well as the suspension of oral liquid preparation,high substitution and low viscosity MC can be used as the opening agent for the slow-release coating film.High replacement,high viscosity MC solution,can be used as the thickening agent of eye drops,prolong the retention time of eye drops in the eye.


Product Description

Construction methyl cellulose ether thickener is white powder or granule made from highly pure cotton - cellulose by reaction of etherification under alkal. Methyl cellulose is characterized by water solubility, water retention, nonionic, stability of the PH value, surface activity,  temperature reversible gelling properties, thickening property, film formability, lubrication property etc.,without any organs of animals, fat and other bioactive constituents.

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Construction methyl cellulose ethers mc thickener benefits

1. Good water retention/ capacity    

2. Improved adhesion and sliding resistance

3. developing workability

4. prolonging open time

5. Good wetting ability

6. Increased mortar yield



 For Construction methyl cellulose ethers mc thickener

Thermal insulation mortar, ceramic tile adhesive, jointing agent, stucco gypsum, plaster;

Paint thickening agent, dispersing agent and stabilizer;

Ink industry as the thickening agent, dispersing agent and stabilizer;

Plastic forming mold release agent, softener, lubricants;

Cement, gypsum secondary products;

Shampoo, detergent;


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