Pharmaceutical Grade Methyl Cellulose

Pharmaceutical grade MC
As a binder for tablet, film coating, ointment and oil stabilizer

Product Details

Pharmaceutical grade MC

Appearance:white to slightly off-white fibrous or granular powder.

Identification A to E:  Conform

Solution appearance: Conform


Loss on drying:5.0%Max

Residue on ignition:1.5%Max

PH :5.0-8.0

Apparent viscosity:3200-4800cps

Particle size:Min.98% pass through 100 mesh


The MC is safe,non-toxic and undigested.Excessive intake of MC may temporarily increase flatulence.Low and medium viscosity MC can be used as the adhesive for tablets,as well as the suspension of oral liquid preparation,high substitution and low viscosity MC can be used as the opening agent for the slow-release coating film.High replacement,high viscosity MC solution,can be used as the thickening agent of eye drops,prolong the retention time of eye drops in the eye.

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