Industry Grade Hydroxyethyl Methyl Cellulose

Industry grade Hydroxyethyl Methyl Cellulose
Used as thickening agent in Dry-mixed mortar.

Product Details

Industry grade HEMC is designed for cement-based applications,such as tile grouts,decorative renders,and tile adhesives,It imparts well-balanced properties,inclouding open time,adhesion properties and shear strength,It also improve good work ability and enhances water retention.It is compatible with all conventional mineals and organic binders



BOMCELLTM MHEC (Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose)

Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose is made by propylene oxide, methyl chloride with alkali-cellulose after a chemical process called etherification under rigidly controlled conditions.  The resultant nonionic polymer is purified, dried and ground to a fine white powder, this water-insoluble cellulose is turned into a water-soluble nonionic polymer. Methyl Hydroxyethyl Cellulose is a good film-former and varies somewhat in physical and chemical properties. Methyl Hydroxyethyl Celllose is quite hydrophilic and readily soluble in cold water.



MEC 112 Easy apply, viscosity: 7000 mpas.

MEC 323 High anti-slip, viscosity: 26000 mpas.

MEC 165 Easy apply, viscosity: 17500 mpas

MEC 581 High water-retention, viscosity: 40000 mpas

MEC 956 Economic grade, viscosity: 70000 mpas

MEM 555 Easy apply, viscosity: 50000 mpas

MEM 556 High water retention, viscosity: 55000 mpas



Product features of HEMC

1. Solubility: Hydroxyethyl methyl cellulose is soluble in water and some organic solvents. When dissolve in cold water, its maximum concentration only depends on the viscosity, the solubility changes with the viscosity, the lower viscosity, the greater the solubility.Certain grade products are soluble in binary organic solvents and  organic solvent water system.

2. Saltresistance: The product is non-ionic cellulose ether, and not polyelectrolyte. Therefore it's stable in the water solution when the metal salt or organic electrolyt exist, in water solution is stable, but the excess addition of electrolytes, may cause gel and precipitation.

3. Surfactivity: Because the aqueous solution is of the surfactivity, it can be used as colloid protective agent, emulgator and dispersant.

4. Thermal gels: When the aqueous solution heated to a certain temperature, it gets opaque, to gel, to form sediment. But during the continuous cooling, it will be returned to the original solution state, and the temperature to form this gel and and sediment is mainly depend on their lubricant, suspending agent, protective colloid, emulsifier, etc.

5. Metabolism: Because of its metabolic inertia and low smell and fragrance, HEMCis widely used in food and medicine.

6. Fungus resistance : HEMC is of great fungus resistance, and good  viscosity stability in long-term storage.

7. PH stability: The product aqueous solution viscosity is hardly affected by acid or alkali and the PH value is relatively stable in the range of 3.0-11.0.

8. Low ash content: As the product is non-ionic, and washed by hot water to refine effectively in the preparation process, its ash content is very low.

9. Shape keeping: Due to the special viscoelasticity when the product high high-enriched aqueous solution compared with other polymer solution , the addition of HEMC is able to improve the shape keeping of the ceramics.

10. Water retention: The product is of good hydrophilicity and high aqueous solution viscosity, it is a kind of high efficient water-retaining agent

11. Other features:It is usually used as thickener, filmogen, adhesive, lubricant, suspending agent, protective colloid, emulsifier, etc



Main Uses and Applications of HEMC

Cement-based mortar
1. Improve the uniformity, makes easier to coating the mortar, and improve the vertical flow resisitance simultaneously. Enhance the liquidity and pumpability, so as to improve the work efficiency.
2. High water retention and prolong the working time of mortar, improve work efficiency, and help to make high mechanical strength in mortar freezing period.
3. Control the air infiltration, thus eliminating the coating microfissuring, to make the ideal smooth surface.

Gypsum mortar and gypsum products
1. Improve the uniformity, makes easier to coating the mortar, and improve the vertical flow resisitance simultaneously. Enhance the liquidity and pumpability, so as to improve the work efficiency.
2.High water retention, to prolong the working time of mortar, and help to make high mechanical strength in mortar freezing period.
3. By controlling the mortar uniform thickness, to make the high quality surface coating.

Masonry mortar
1. Enhance the adhesiveness to masonry surface and the water retention, to improve the strength of the mortar.
2. Improve the lubricity and plasticity to improve the workability. Using cellulose ether to enhance mortar is easier to consdruct and save time, and improve the cost-effectiveness.
3. There is high water retention type in particular, applying to high water-absorbing bricks.

Plate joint sealing material

1. Good water retention, can prolong open time and improve the work efficiency. High lubricity, makes it easier to use and smooth-going.
2. Improve the shrinkage resistance and crack resistance, to improve the surface quality.
3. To provide the smooth and uniform texture, and make the adhesiveness of joint surface stronger.

Ceramic tile adhesive
1. Make it easier to blend the dry mixture and no clumps , thus saving the work time. And the faster and more effective construction can improve the workability and reduce the cost.
2. By prolonging the open time, to improve the tiling efficiency and provide excellent adhesiveness.
3. There is special development model of high slip resistance.

Self-leveling flooring
1. Provide the viscosity, can be used as anti-sludging agent.
2. Enhance the liquidity and pumpability, so as to improve the flooring efficiency.
3. Control the water retention, thus greatly reducing cracks and shrink.

Water-based paint and varnish remover
1. By preventing solid precipitation and prolong the storage period.There is good compatibility with other components and has high biological stability.
2. Dissolve fast and without clumps, helps to simplify the mixing process.Cold water dispersion model, can mix faster and more convenient and no clumps.
3. Produce favorable flow characteristics, including low splashing and good leveling, to ensure fine surface finish and prevent the oil paint flow.
4. Strengthen the viscosity of water-based and organic solvent paint remover , to make the paint remover not outflow from the workpiece surface.

Extrusion molding concrete plate

1. Enhance the extrusion products processing performance, and has high bonding strength and lubricity.                                      

2. Improve the wet strength and the adhesiveness of plate after extrusion.






About storage and transportation

The product shall be kept in its original package and stored in dry and clean place that is far away 
from heat resource. Sealed to avoid the direct sunlight, rain and moisture during handling, storing and transportation. It could not be stored together with any other chemical product.



About the precautions

1. There is the danger of dust explosion about the product, during bulk processing or in bulk, be careful to avoid the dust deposition and suspension in the air, and do not close to the heat, spark, flame and electrostatic.
2. Avoid the product powder contact with and into eyes, should wear the filter mask and safety goggles during operation .
3. The product is very slippery when wet, the spilled powder should be cleaned in time, and make the desliching treatment.



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