Cosmetic Grade Hydroxyethyl Cellulose

Cosmetic grade HEC
As thickener, suspending agent and emulsion stabilizer, it is widely used in the conditioner, baked ointment, dye hair cream, hair cream, hair styling gel, facial cleanser, shaving gel, bath dew, shampoo, lotion and powder, and many other products

Product Details

HEC is an effective agent, binder, thickener, stabilizer and dispersant in shampoo, hair spray, neutralizer, hair conditioner and cosmetics.Its thickening and protective colloid properties can be applied to liquid detergent and solid detergent industry.HEC dissolve fast at high temperature, which can speed up production process and improve production efficiency.It is well known that the obvious characteristic of detergents containing HEC can improve the smoothness and mercerization of fabrics.


Hydroxyethyl Cellulose HEC

 Thylocell® Hydroxyethyl cellulose is a kind of water soluble nonionic cellulose ether from natural cellulose through chemical modification.It is tasteless,odorless,non-toxic and white or yellowish solids in powder form.Thylocell HEC is nonionic cellulose ether.It is easily dissolved in cold and hot water,resulting in solution with a wide range of viscosity.It has many functions,including thickening,binging,emulsifying,dispersing,water-maintaining and colliod stabilizing and protecting.

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Molar Substitution Degree

1.8 - 3.0

PH value(1%.sol.)


Water Insolubles,%

1.5 Max


5.5 Max

Particle size(through 60mesh)




Viscosity (mpa·s)





Excellent Advantage

♦ High thickening efficiency. Due to there are many different kind of thickening agents, any requirement for thickening efficiency can be reached, especially for aqueous thickening.

♦ Good compatibility. High degree and serialization of compatibility of the modern countless components in the latex paint formulations. Compared to non-cellulosic thickeners, using cellulosic thickeners in the formulation could provide a wider choice.

♦ Good storage stability. Years of experience have shown that the storage stability of latexes thickened with cellulosic thickeners is superior. No matter how is the pH value situation, the latex paint could maintain a uniform viscosity and pigment suspension for a long time.

♦ Anti-sagging. The stresses that occur during the coating process damage the hydration layer established between the thickener and the water. And Once the coating has ended, the latex paint will regain its viscosity and the sag will be prevented.

♦ Stable Viscosity of different PH value. Thickened latex paint with a cellulose-based thickener, the viscosity is stable among a wide PH range (3-11)

♦ Remain Adhesion. Cellulose thickener as a film-forming material, could merge together with latex paint. As long as the choice of latex paint is correct, it could well covered the pigment particles, cellulose-based thickener won’t have any loss of its adhesion.

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