Cellulose Ether

The products we produce are purified from the nonionic polymer obtained, dried and ground to a fine white powder. This water-insoluble cellulose becomes a water-soluble nonionic polymer. HPMC is a good film former in physics. And chemically different. HPMC is very hydrophilic. HEC is hygroscopic, soluble in cold water and hot water, with high thickening effect, excellent rheology, suspension, adhesion, emulsifying, film formation. Sex, watering and protective colloidal. They are industrial grade, food grade and pharmaceutical grade. There are also differences in the use of different levels.
The film formed by the food grade cellulose ether can effectively prevent oil penetration and moisture loss, thereby ensuring the stability of the food texture. It can effectively control the water from freezing to room temperature and reduce the texture changes caused by freezing crystallization and freezing. It can be used with starch to create a synergistic effect that greatly increases viscosity even at very low equivalents.
Pharmaceutical grade cellulose ethers are used as multi-purpose agents. It can be used as a thickener, dispersant, emulsifier and film former. Used for film coating, tablet adhesive, can significantly improve the solubility of the drug and enhance the waterproofness of the tablet. It can also be used in the form of suspending agents, ophthalmic preparations, and controlled release agents such as skeleton floating tablets. Industrial grade cellulose ethers improve the flow and properties of coatings due to their good water retention. It can also be used for wall plastering, mortar, sticky plaster and plaster putty to improve water retention and bond strength. BOTAI Chemical has been a professional cellulose ether manufacturer and supplier in China since 2003. Buy the best cellulose ether for sale with good price here.
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