Calcium Formate

The products we produce are widely used in industrial production and feed. Calcium carbonate is mainly used for the early strength of fast coagulants and mortars. Feed grade calcium formate is used as an acidulant and preservative in livestock feed to regulate calcium formate. Animal intestinal function promotes nutrient absorption. It can also be used as a new feed additive. The use of calcium formate as a feed additive for piglets can promote appetite, reduce the rate of diarrhea in piglets, and achieve weight gain.
Industrial grade calcium formate can be used as a fast setting agent to enhance the early strength of cement. It has a great effect on building mortar and various concrete, speeding up the hardening speed of cement and shortening the setting time. In winter construction, it can be used to avoid too low condensation at low temperatures and to quickly release cement to increase cement strength as quickly as possible. BOTAI Chemical has been a professional calcium formate manufacturer and supplier in China since 2003. Buy the best calcium formate for sale with good price here.
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